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Episodi di dragon ball z in italiano

episodi di dragon ball z in italiano

Subete o Kaketa Saigo no waza" December 20, 1989 May 3, 1997 August 4, 2005 (re-dub) 32 24 "Battle Power Times Ten!
Gohan's Harsh Training" / "Gohan's Metamorphosis" Day 1 "Kyry to Sabaibaru!
Goku and Gohan meet in West city, dressed up in Tuxedos, and discuss the events of the nine previously-released movies (the first three Dragon Ball Films, and the first six Dragon Ball Z films).
Grikku Junia ga Kami ni Naru!?" (!Jr!?) September 18, 1991 April 8, "Black Mist of Terror!Everyone is once again in shock.We Gotta Power " and "Boku-Tachi wa Tenshi Datta both by Hironobu Kagayama.Catch Bubbles!" Defying Gravity "Jryoku to no Tatakai!5 " Dream 9 Toriko One Piece Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special " "Dori-mu 9 Toriko Wan Pi-su Doragonbo-ru Z ch Korabo Supesharu!" (9 Z!) April 7, 2013 N/A This pagemaker 6.5 trial version is a two-part crossover special which aired on April 7, 2013, on Fuji.Gok Ano Yo ni Kaeru" (!) November 30, 1994 October 2, "Where is Gohan!?Ore wa Sp Bejta da!" (!) September 9, 1992 October 26, "Dangerous Pride!
I Am Super Vegeta!" / "Bow to the Prince" "Seru yo Hizamazuke!
"m: Dragon Ball Z - Imperfect Cell - 17's End".What Lies Below the Laboratory!?" / "Laboratory Basement" "Seru Tanj no Himitsu!"Dragon Ball Z Season 9".TV Specials edit # Title Original airdate English release 1 " Dragon Ball Z: Bardock The Father of Goku " "Doragon Bru Zetto: Tatta Hitori no Saish KessenFurza ni Idonda Zetto Senshi Kakarotto no Chichi" (Z Z October 17, 1990 January 10, 2001 2 ".Son Gohan, the Super Saiyan" / "The Battle Ends" Mercy clean install windows 7 with product key "Kiseki o Okose!The manga portion of the series debuted.) August 3, 1992 N/A This rare special aired on Tokai TV a month after the release of Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, between episodes 148 and 155, and is set after the events thereof.Ikiteita Majin B" (!) August 31, 1994 September 16, "The Struggle of Videl and the Others!Saiyajin Tsui ni Chiky Tchaku" September 27, 1989 January 24, 1997 July 19, 2005 (re-dub) 22 16 "Unbelievable!