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Hex usb can cable

hex usb can cable

Make Sure It Fits!
I have yet to see a knockoff cable that has CAN-BUS capabilities.
I agree that 300 for some software and a cable is ridiculous even given its capabilities, however it is the cfa books level 1 pdf only way to ensure the Buy Once Buy Right rule as you can't go wrong.Ross-Tech, be the first to review this item.Reply With" :40 PM #18 Re: Can anyone recommend a good alternative HEX-USB CAN Vag-Com cable supplier?That brings me back to my original question of what was the best non-Ross-Tech product?A genuine Ross-Tech cable is a invaluable tool.Does anyone have a recommendation on a decent supplier that makes a good cable that is compatible with the Ross-Tech software and works on the CAN bus cars?Its not stealing, or free loading or taking.Reply With" :10 AM #3.We have the Hex-USB-CAN on our website for 356.35 (with free shipping) if you're interested ( ml and then you just download the software (you want release 908) from Ross-Tech's website ( m/vcds/download/ ) Reply With" :07 PM #16 Re: Can anyone recommend.
Yes and seller alpha bid or whatever sells a cable that IS can bus capable but does not list it on ebay and its.
I don't see myself doing complex tasks like logging.
Fail, chris, i sold my Audis and bought a Touareg.It has the same capacity as a VAS 5051/5052 and going 5051b Key Features: - Portable Power Information calculators AutoScan calculators - Default Code ( 20,000 référencés to date Test actuators Adjustable base - effacement default code - Leave the calculator - recoding of control - Group of measures - Unique playback - Adaptation - Special access - Test Results - Generic obdii - Pin to 7 digits (keys) - Recording.I still can't believe that everyone else's cable is crap and that my only viable solution is to spend250 on a cable from Ross-Tech.Current; 2013 ATS, 89 Corvette, 15 Jeep Rubicon, 14 ZX6R Past; Ninja 650, Ninja 300, 2000 S4, 99 A6 Avant, 2012 CTS-V, 90 Miata, 11 CTS-V, 09 G8, 01 S4,.5 A4, 00 Protégé.Probably wouldn't have received any help if i didn't have the real versions.It's a great tool to have, moreso if you do a lot of your own upkeep on the car.Yeah your best bet is to search the classifieds often, and Craigslist.I have both vagcom VAD hunting games for pc no and use the VAD more often since it is smaller.I never understood using the hacked versions of things.