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League of legends hotkeys

league of legends hotkeys

(tilde key) Hold down to select or target only champions when using champion abilities or summoner spells.
"d" Summoner spell 1 "f" Summoner spell 2 "a" Attack Move "s" Stop "H" holding down Hold H works like stop until its lifted.
V : Fixed a bug where the Hold key (H) was stopping move abilities like Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab.
Contents show, hotkeys, note: The Hotkeys listed here bound on their standard keys on the qwerty keyboard.Hotkeys "x" Attack "q / w / e / r" use champion skill "alt-q/alt-w/alt-e/alt-r" will cast the spell on yourself if it is self-castable will cast the spell under your mouse cursor if applicable.F12 - Can use, but bound to take screenshot.Shift Q Smart cast champion's 1st ability.For example, with this setup you can apply Morgana's Black Shield to yourself by pressing the self smartcast key and having your mouse over anything that is not an allied champion.ignore or /squelch " UserName " Syncs with your t ignore list gta vice city game editor and preventing you from receiving messages people on your ignore list in game /buddylist Prints all active players on your buddy list to the chat window.mute all Will mute text from all players for the duration of your current game session.joke, /j or Ctrl1 Plays Champion's joke.S Stop Command (Champion stops their current course of action).The mouse wheel can now be used to scroll up and down in the shop.ignore "summoner name" Will mute a player during this game session and all subsequent game sessions.
File Location for Keybindings The file that holds the keybindings can be found here: *League of i Some people have trouble changing the keybindings through the in-game interface.
V : Smart cast now defaults to Shift and self cast now defaults to Alt.V : Fixed a bug in which the Show/Hide HUD keybinding would always be F5, despite the selection in the options menu.Added an attack move command and bound it.V Toggle retreat ping cursor.Alt Removes HUD Enter Create chat cursor.