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One piece episode 388

one piece episode 388

Shortly afterwards, the crew find out that Keimi's friend is Hatchi.
Duval relaxes for a moment with his helmet off, and calls his associates on Den Den Mushi, asking if his men's "preparations" are complete.
Seeing his effort, Nami relents and tells the crew to go save Hatchan.
Characters in Order of Appearance Edit Anime Notes Edit This is an empty section.Overhearing this freaks out the Macro Pirates' hostage: Hatchan, the octopus Fishman that, long before, was a member of the Arlong Pirates.Luffy jumps off the ship, using Gomu Gomu no Pistol to grab Keimi and Pappug, then uses Hatchan's cage as a stepping stone to get on Duval's compound.Long Summary Edit After their brief initial run-in with the Flying Fish Riders, the Straw Hat Pirates begin to plan their rescue of Keimi 's Fishman friend.Hatchan starts crying, and thrashes about in his cage, trying to get out to save Keimi.The longer they persist, the more doubt grows among the Straw Hats who fought Arlong.
Sanji calls out, asking how Arlong was doing.
Save the Captive Fishman.Usopp asks Franky to move the cannons up to the deck so they can shoot down the flying fish.Crunchyroll, screenplay - Tsuyoshi Sakurai, art - Miyuki gu family book ep 12 eng sub Sato, animation - Shigefumi Shingaki.Luffy is excited over their flying fish.They jump overboard to rescue him themselves.