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Perseus and andromeda full story

perseus and andromeda full story

In contrast, a bright yellow nucleus, dark winding dust lanes, gorgeous blue spiral arms and star clusters are recorded in this stunning telescopic digital mosaic.
"The husband of Cassiopeia is sometimes said to be Epaphus, by whom she bore Libya."This was her bridal; relieving the people's hurt by submitting to her own, she is amid her tears adorned as victim for the beast and dons attire prepared for no such troth as this; and the corpseless funeral of the living maiden is hurried.The two components are designated GX Andromedae (Groombridge 34 A) and GQ Andromedae (Groombridge 34 B).Astronomers identify thick disc of older stars in nearby Andromeda galaxy PhysOrg - February 15, 2011 An international team of astronomers has identified for the first time a thick stellar disc in the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest large spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way.Lady in Red: Andromeda Galaxy Shines in Spitzer's Eyes PhysOrg - October 14, 2005 Andromeda is the most-studied galaxy outside our own Milky Way, yet Spitzer's sensitive infrared eyes have detected captivating new features, including bright, aging stars and a spiral arc in the center.The sea monster (.
Detailed information to all three galaxies can be found in the Messier database about M 31, M 32 and M110.
Messier 32, photo by nasa Messier 32 was the first elliptical galaxy ever discovered.
It is visible.5-inch telescopes.None of the individual stars are brighter than 9th magnitude.But between the monster and the damsel, Perseus was depicted descending to the encounter from the upper regions of the airhis body bare, except a mantle floating round his shoulders, and winged sandals on his feeta cap resembling the helmet of Pluto was on his.Mysterious Stars Surround Andromeda's Black Hole m - September 21, 2005 Stars race around a black hole at the center of the Andromeda galaxy so fast that they could go the distance from Earth to the Moon in six minutes.The total mass of the galaxy increases linearly out to 45,000 light-years (2.8 x109 AU then more slowly beyond that radius.It was proper to speak of this long coast as the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiope, Cepha winxp sp3 update pack signifying a stone.The life cycle of Andromeda's stars msnbc - April 28, 2011 No doubt, naked-eye views of the universe are spectacular, but there's much more going on out there than appears in visible light.Messier 110 was observed and described by Charles Messier in 1773 together with the Andromeda Galaxy and other objects he discovered, but M110 was not included on his original list of objects.