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Powershell backup script windows 7

powershell backup script windows 7

From here onwards, I will be using windows xp pro serials keys the Windows PowerShell ISE and running as an Administrator.
Help with PowerShell If youre new to PowerShell like I was until recently, then the best way to learn PowerShell is actually not to use Google instead PowerShell has inbuilt help which is exceptionally useful.
Might also work on Windows 2000 but there is some work to do for having PowerShell running on that platform nTFS File System, powerShell.0 or better 7-zip.2.0 or newest, sysInternals' Junction Tool.
Lets assume we are running IIS and our websites is logging to a specific folder, which we want to back.Originally I was backing up RavenDB using a batch file but decided to change this and instead use Windows PowerShell, a command and scripting language from Microsoft.Our script will initially look like the following: We have a very simple function declaration with a comment at the top informing us of what the function will.Powershell works with Windows commands and applications, and it has been designed to leverage what you already know, making it easier for you to learn.There comes in mind the obvious answer: use compression.1.0.5 ( not required if running Windows Vista / 7 / 2008) Features Backup your files in compressed archives by 7-zip Full, Differential, Incremental and Copy Backups Option to move files into archives Flexible selection of files and paths using regular expressions Automatic removal.Project Description 7zbackup is a PowerShell script aimed to help you automate your backup on-file tasks.It displays Administrator: Windows PowerShell ISE.It can't replace any of your off-site backup strategies.This is relevant if you backup using differential and or incremental methods.Points of Interest is the way to run a command (like execute an exe so this is the same as writing the following:- powershell.
Now to debug our function, click on the function call on line 21 and then press F5 (Run/Continue).
But just before that, a quick bit of information which will make a lot more sense.
Bits is a windows service which runs on XP and later operating systems, so I had to have the service started initially and to if everything worked well without interruptions, files would be transferred using job.Bits worked well but I did run into some issues with permissions as a result of trying to copy files inside a PowerShell session.The complete function is listed below:- function Backup-iislogs param( # Source location folder for logs we wish to backup parameter(Mandatory true) ValidateNotNullOrEmpty stringiislogsDir ) # This function will backup IIS log Files # Import the Powershell Community Extensions add-on for (using Write-Zip cmdLet) # can.Below we can see the script debugging in action.Param( # Source location folder for logs we wish to backup parameter(Mandatory true) ValidateNotNullOrEmpty stringiislogsDir ) The next thing we do in the script is to import a module this is a pre-written PowerShell module written by the PowerShell Community and has a lot.But while NtBackup is a good companion it lacks in one particular aspect: it waste a huge amount of bytes.TotalSpace : #requires -version.0 #Initialize WSB cmdlets if ( (Get-PSSnapin -Name rverBackup -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq null ).I call the PowerShell script from the command line on an ad-hoc basis, and nightly using a scheduled task.# # m # # # # Enforce coding rules in expressions scripts.I had no previous knowledge of PowerShell before I embarked on this project.