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Rapidex english book pdf

rapidex english book pdf

Roman numbers crossover x mac serial Roman numbers are seldom used.
Be careful with the spelling of the words for 5 th, 8 th, 9 th, 12 th and the words ending in -y.
Love tennis 40 - 0 forty - love * In American English zero is used.Use either the definite article a or one for 100.Numbers bigger than 20, use a hyphen between compound numbers.Word 21 twenty - one 55 fifty - five 99 ninety - nine.1.2.Word 121 a/one hundred and twenty - one 356 three hundred and fifty - six 999 nine hundred and ninety - nine mbers bigger than 1,000 Use a hyphen between compound numbers and the word and.Fractions Use the ordinal number for the denominator : 1/3 one third 2 3/5 two and three fifths Exceptions: 1/2 one half 1/4 one quarter.3.2.Ordinal numbers Add th to the cardinal number to form the ordinal number: six six th Add the last two letters of the written word to the figure.Cardinal numbers, cardinal numbers say how many people or things there are.Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers 1 one 1 st fir st 2 two 2 nd seco nd 3 three 3 rd thi rd 5 five 5 th fif th 8 eight 8 th eigh th 9 nine 9 th nin th 12 twelve 12 th twelf.Decimals Use the cardinal number for decimals:.8 three point eight.25 four point two five.4.
They are used for the names of kings and queens.
The match ended two - nil.
Use the ordinal number: Elisabeth II Elisabeth the Second Louis XIV Louis the Fourteenth.The number 0 There are different words for the number.Use either the definite article a or one for 1,000.The numbers in a table Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers 0 oh, zero, nil, love, nought - 1 one 1 st fir st 2 two 2 nd seco nd 3 three 3 rd thi rd 4 four 4 th fou rth 5 five 5 th fif.Fractions and decimals.3.1.