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Solaris 10 interview questions and answers pdf

solaris 10 interview questions and answers pdf

What is multimedia data mining?
What is data mart?
The process of cleaning junk data is termed as data purging.
The /etc/shadow file contains following fields.What are different types of cuboids?The user can no longer log in also it will display the message Your password has been expired.Reset (1M) allows you to reset one or more domains in one of two ways: reset the hardware to a clean state or send an externally initiated reset (XIR) signal.Association algorithm is used for recommendation engine that is based on a market based analysis.What are frequent patterns?
A decision tree is an hierarchically based classifier which compares data with a range of properly selected features.
Sticky Bit is a permission bit that protects the files with in a Directory.Post Your Answer 9 : Explain about the limitations present in sudo?Oracle Solaris, as it is now known, has been owned by Oracle Corporation since Oracles idm 517 serial keygen acquisition of Sun in January 2010.Over a given time frame and use the result of our analysis to improve the efficiency of business processes.Star Schema is very easy to understand, even for non technical business manager.This algorithm can be used in the initial stage of exploration.19) What is difference between Process and Daemon in Solaris?For small transcation you may not find the much difference(sometimes no diff) 18) How to install win xp after installing solaris for dual booting.Explain Association algorithm in Data mining?34) What is the command for seeing a long listing of all the processes running on your unix box?