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Top 5 endangered animals in the world 2012

top 5 endangered animals in the world 2012

Poaching and snaring have been very dangerous to the black rhino population.
Black Rhinoceros, with only five Rhinoceros species in the world, Black Rhinoceros only have a thousand species left alive from a 90,000 population.
This was a very alarming situation but none of this news has made fishermen, who are catching dolphins, stop from what they have been doing for a living.Despite the protection programs established by non-government sectors and government officials to save the Siberian tigers, poaching has still been a threat to their lives.Nearly 70 percent of the elephants natural habitat has been destroyed in one generation.The Cross River gorilla is the worlds rarest great ape, with only 200 to 300 individuals alive today.The axolotl, sometimes called the water monster, is a kind of fish salamander that is highly sought after in research circles due to its abilities to regenerate, but it is quickly becoming extinct.They were hunted by poachers who take advantage of their horns and sell them for extremely high profits.Borneo Pygmy Elephant, with a remaining population of only 1,200 and a decline rate of 50 every 50 years since the time it was discovered in 1841, Boreno Pygmy Elephants have been on the lists of the worlds most endangered species.
The northern white rhinoceros is considered extinct in the wild and the last 10 white rhinos in the world are now being protected in conservation centers located in California and the Czech Republic.
Its estimated there are only about 60 of these unique cats left.
Due to deforestation and illegal logging activity the eagle is considered to be critically endangered as its population is down to 500.It is further predicted that they will be totally extinct by the year 2050 given that man still continues vision works erie pa reviews with their sullen lifestyle and practices.Their habitats have also been affected, primarily driven by climate change.The Mountain Gorilla Source.They have thicker and longer fur, which makes them easily adaptable to cold environments.