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Tutorial de the sims 3

tutorial de the sims 3

Editing your package Now it's time to open your new package file in S3PE and edit the dell bios password keygen parts you want to change.
This will give you a good idea what to look for in the ckage.Below are 3 areas that are most commonly changed in itun resources: autonomous OR NOT Disallow DisallowAutonomous"False" DisallowUserDirected"False" DisallowPlayerSim"False" / You would edit this line if you wish to change whether the action is autonomous or not.It may be as simple as changing True to False when you want to make something autonomous or not, or more complicated edits when you need to change values to increase or decrease a particular action or result.You can ask questions and get help in this thread on MTS.Final notes Here are some final notes and tips if you plan to upload your new tuning mod to MTS, want to learn more about tuning mods, perhaps want an alternative to creating a tuning mod, or if you still have questions about the process.Make sure "Display" Names and Tags are checked.If the "Names" are not in alphabetical order, then click on Names to sort.
Actual Value refers to how much Fun, Social, Hygiene, etc the sim will actually get from performing the action.
Now you should be setup properly to start creating a Tuning Mod.Open the Gameplay folder.Exporting THE resource There are 3 methods to exporting resources from S3PE, depending on which one you like and/or what you are trying to do, will determine which one you use.It might be how much something costs, how long it takes to complete an action, etc.AGE/species AgeSpeciesAvail / B,P,C,T,Y,A,E refer to sims: baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, elder.Finding THE right resource Now you have come to the part where you need to know the interaction or resource you wish to edit.Itun OR XML, gameplayData contains 3 types of resources: dmtr, itun, AND XML.Typically, tuning mods consist of itun and/or XML resources so we will just focus on those.Locate the new folder you just made.Motive advertising AND fulfillment Change type"TraitFlirty" advertised"20" locked"True" actual"20" updateType"ContinuousFlow" timeDependsOn"False" updateEvenOnFailure"True" / Advertised Value refers to how much Fun, Social, Hygiene, etc a sim thinks they will gain by performing the action.