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Using 110v appliances in japan

using 110v appliances in japan

I have an aero bed (using 110V power supply) which I would like to bring over.
If a low rated voltage is inserted into a high voltage power supply, the appliance may be burned out.I wonder if the ryokan or hotel usually provide hair dryer too?By In trouble rate this post as useful 100V voltage 2005/10/25 15:33.To be safe, you'll need a GoHz voltage converter.If not, then you need to equip the voltage converter to get your appliance working properly.I don't know about the external hard professional xna game programming pdf drive, but laptop should work fine.Image courtesy of Wikipedia.The industrial system of each country has been formed for more than 100 years, and cannot be subversive unified revision.2005/10/25 09:22, i just also wanted to add, that your mobile phone might not work in Japan at all (totally different cellphone networks check with your service provider.Will it work with a converter?
It says's 110-240 will i be ok in Japan?Some people may think that voltage converting is very simple?Plugs and Adapters, the type of plug and socket system used in Japan is known technically as the JIS-C 8303 and comes in two variants a two-slot outlet (unearthed) and a two slot one round slot (earthed).By hn rate this post as useful never 2005/10/25 09:40.Typically the things people have the most trouble with are things like hair dryers and curling irons since they are dependent on the voltage to operate correctly.When it comes to using appliances or devices you brought to Japan (or using Japanese devices outside of Japan there are a few things to take into consideration: Voltage, if you can recall from your science classes on electricity: voltage current * resistance, having too high.2005/10/25 09:59, as other posters have mentioned, do not plug 200-240V equipment into a 100V outlet.