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Windows 2003 sysprep sid

windows 2003 sysprep sid

Comments Additional comments, lord of the rings game for windows 7 if any.
If the file is not present, Sysprep checks for it in systemroot System32.
State Processing INF settings i UpdateSystem Default None Executes Always Variables No Comments None State Finishing Windows PE i WinPE Restart Default WinPE Restart Prompt Executes Always Variables No Comments None i Processing During Sysprep in Factory Mode The states in this section are the.Locating a i File Sysprep searches these locations in this order for a i file: The path and file name specified by the registry key The root of all removable media drives that are not CD drives, such as a floppy disk drive.How these components interact with each other at the various stages of an image-based installation is illustrated in the following figure.UserData You must specify values for the ComputerName, FullName, and OrgName entries.State Waiting for Plug and Play to finish i pnpdriverUpdate WaitForPnP Default pnpdriverUpdate WaitForPnP Yes Executes Always Variables No Comments Runs only if WaitForPnP Yes.Sysprep Architecture, the Sysprep tool consists of three components: Sysprep.Look in the SystemRootSystem32 folder for this file.Exe, usually the systemdriveSysprep folder.The main cleanup processes include: Deleting Systems Management Server settings.Therefore, you need to suppress restarts.State Preparing for automatic logon i ComputerSettings AuditAdminAutoLogon Default ComputerSettings AuditAdminAutoLogon No Executes Once Variables No Comments If AuditAdminAutoLogon Yes, then Factory.
Saving network configuration settings so that they can be reapplied the first time the destination computer is started, and uninstalling all network adapters so that they will be detected the first time a destination computer is started.
The commands that are listed in the GuiRunOnce section are stored in the following registry location: When an administrator or avast internet security 2013 technician logs onto the destination computer for the first time after the Mini-Setup stage is complete, Windows Server 2003 reads and then runs the commands that.A master computer contains a master installation, which is the system disk on which you have installed and configured the operating system and software applications that you want to install onto the destination computers in your organization.Once you have performed the initial setup steps on a single computer, you can run the Sysprep tool to prepare the sample computer for cloning and automate the deployment on other computers.Factory mode is useful for updating drivers, running Plug and Play enumeration, installing applications, testing, configuring the computer with customer data, or making other configuration changes before you deliver a computer to an end user.Every section has one or more entries that contain installation and configuration information.Unattended Contains entries that control the Mini-Setup stage.You can easily identify a Windows installation which has been created with the Sysprep Tool.Physical access to the destination computers.MS_AppleTalk parameters Contains entries for configuring AppleTalk.What can we do to improve this information?