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Wsus 2.0 server cleanup wizard

wsus 2.0 server cleanup wizard

Description, what it does:.
Server 2012 R2).
This script has not screenshot ipad 2 maken been checked by Spiceworks.StringAdamjwsusserver Get-WmiObject win32_computersystem).Domain # This should not be changed unless this doesn't work.# # # # Adam Marshall # # amj.Removed the Clean Up Variables section at the end.Local" # wsus does not play well with Aliases or cnames and requires using the fqdn or the HostName in most cases.True # Delete computers that have not contacted the server in 30 days or more.For certain tables, a fill-factor is set in order to improve insert performance.About Advertising Privacy Terms Help Sitemap.Exe with the ExecutionPolicy set to bypass for just that session.Object_id and dex_id dex_id print 'Estimated number of pages freed: ' cast numpages as nvarchar(20) END GO -Update all statistics print 'Updating all statistics.' convert(nvarchar, getdate 121) exec sp_updatestats print 'Done updating statistics.' convert(nvarchar, getdate 121) GO Write-Verbose "Create a file with the content.G -f (size / 1GB break _ -ge 1MB"0.
' convert(nvarchar, getdate 121) insert @work_to_do select.object_id, index_id, avg_page_space_used_in_percent, avg_fragmentation_in_percent, record_count from _db_index_physical_stats (DB_ID null, null, null, 'sampled AS f where.0 and * page_count page_count - 1) or (ge_count 50 and.avg_fragmentation_in_percent.0) or (ge_count 10 and.avg_fragmentation_in_percent.0) print 'Number of indexes.
If (NoOutput -eq False) "Adamj wsus DB Maintenance:rnrn" im -creplace?m)s*r?n -creplace '?
Warning, running iisreset will disrupt all web services on the server.Added a configuration value for AdamjScheduledTaskTime.M -f (size / 1MB break _ -ge 1KB"0 K -f (size / 1KB break default "0" -f (size) "B" wmiq 'select * from Win32_LogicalDisk where Size!Added and changed some commented code to verbose output.It cleans up wsus and runs all the maintenance scripts to keep wsus running at peak performance.description # Background Information # # on Streams # All my recommendations are set in -ScheduledRun.Org # ( if (ConsistencyNumber -ne "0 USE susdb GO delete from tbEventInstance where EventNamespaceID '2' AND eventid IN 381 '382 '384 '386 '387 '389 AND datediff(ConsistencyTime TimeAtServer, current_timestamp) (ConsistencyNumber GO elseif (All -ne False) USE susdb GO delete from tbEventInstance where EventNamespaceID '2' AND.Rnrn" " p You've chosen to Decline Superseded Updates.Adjusted the prerequesites and added SQL Cmd line tools requirement with links.Skipping this stream." if (RemoveDeclinedwsusupdates -eq True) Write-Output "Executing RemoveDeclinedwsusupdates RemoveDeclinedwsusupdates -Display -Proceed if (wsusdbmaintenance -eq True) Write-Output "Executing wsusdbmaintenance wsusdbmaintenance if (DeclineSupersededUpdates -eq True) Write-Output "Executing DeclineSupersededUpdates if (ReplicaServer -eq False) DeclineSupersededUpdates -Display -Proceed else Write-Output "This wsus Server is a Replica Server.