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Yugioh gx episode 1 subbed

yugioh gx episode 1 subbed

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Game, Shounen, released: 2004, status: Completed.
Seeing a Duel Disk and games 240x320 3d jar deck, Yugi thinks he must be a duelist, Jaden confirms this as he says hes on his way for his entrance exams for the Duel Academy.Yugi decides to give him a Winged Kuriboh card, saying it is a lucky card, and he wishes Jaden luck on his exams as he runs off.While running late for his entrance exams, Jaden bumps into Yugi Muto, the King of Games!There are three dorms in Duel Academy, Obelisk Blue for the Elite, Ra Yellow for those with potential, and Slifer Red, for the drop outs.As Jaden enters the school, he befriends Alexis Rhodes, Syrus Truesdale, Bastion Misawa, Zane Truesdale, and Chazz Princeton.GX revolves around a boy named Jaden Yuki as he begins his life at Duel Academy, owned by Kaiba Corp.Together they experience many adventures while trying to stop evil from spreading!Type: TV Series, plot Summary: Set a generation into the future, Yu-Gi-Oh!Season 3: Ep 18, duration: 21:16, as an army of Duel Ghouls slowly takes over Duel Academy, can Jaden and his friends figure out a way to duel these ghouls, or will they all get schooled in the process?
GX (Subtitled) Episode.
Episode 1 Yugi s Heir.
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